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3 Linux Based Mobile Operating Systems

We mentioned in our earlier post all about linux that it pretty much runs all of our technology we use today, however they’re yet to takeover the mobile operating system market as of yet. If you’re into finding Snapchat sex then we have the place for you. We’re always ones to look for security and privacy in a mobile operating system but what is the perfect solution? For most people it’s the famous iOS 11 operating system however Android covers roughly 40% of the mobile market. If you’ve always been the person to look for Snapchat users then Linux really could be the operating system for you – I mean you could use apple but most people who use Snapchat love Linux! Linux is open source and is built with security and privacy in mind, earlier in 2016 the first Linux smartphones became available and we will be looking at a range of them today. They’re not well known and you won’t hear anyone arguing between Linux and Android but here are three Linux smartphone operating systems that are readily available for install today. Many users ask if they can use snapchat on linux and we tell them for sure. We’re always looking for new ways to run Social Media apps on our favorite Desktop OS and Mobile OS. Sailfish OS Sailfish is being developed by Jolla, the Sailfish and Mer project communities, corporate members of the Sailfish Alliance and various open community members. The Sailfish community members make development requests and decide development priorities by voting. The Mer project receives contributions from the Jolla and its community, and Mer is the source of middleware for Jolla, thereby continuous development and compatibility of all Mer based projects is maintained. Source : WikiPedia   Plasma Mobile More information coming about Plasma Mobile Soon. Ubuntu Touch Above is three of the many Linux operating systems that you can use to find yourself ending up with some easy snapchat sex This video might help if you’re looking to use snapchat on your linux phone. We can always help out more if you need so be sure to head to the contact page and we can facilitate your needs.


What is Linux?

Since the 90’s Linux has been around and reached a user-base that covers industries all over the world. If you’re into your tech then you’ll know that Linux is literally everywhere. It’s in our phones, refrigerators, cars, smart-home systems & a lot more. It basically runes the Internet and the whole worlds stock exchange. Linux is known to be the most reliable and secure operating systems that you can get your hands on.