What is Linux?

Since the 90’s Linux has been around and reached a user-base that covers industries all over the world. If you’re into your tech then you’ll know that Linux is literally everywhere. It’s in our phones, refrigerators, cars, smart-home systems & a lot more. It basically runes the Internet and the whole worlds stock exchange. Linux is known to be the most reliable and secure operating systems that you can get your hands on.

If you’re already lost then don’t panic – we’re in the know and can help you understand Linux in a matter of minutes.

what is linux

So What is Linux?

Just like your typical windows PC or Mac OS X device, Linux is an operating system. This means that it can run all of your hardware resources inside of your desktop or laptop. To make this simple for those who don’t really know what we’re going on about, an operating system is something that manages commands between your software and hardware. Without an installed operating system, no softer would function, better yet a PC would not start.

The OS is comprised of a number of pieces:

  • The Bootloader
  • The Kernel
  • The Shell
  • Graphical Server
  • Desktop Environment
  • Daemons
  • Applications

Should you use Linux?

If i could have one dollar for every time i was asked this question then i would be a rich man! I’d like to turn the tables and ask you a question before you look for an answer to the question above. Does your current operating system really work “Okay”? Or are you just telling yourself that and constantly dealing with crashing, repairing your PC and battling with malware?

If that sounds like you, and you’d like a stripped down version of an operating system then learning Linux might be for you. It won’t be an easy ride and you’ll come into some hick ups however Linux is evolving everyday and is easily the most reliable computer operating system on the earth. If you combine that with zero cost for the licensing then you could have yourself the perfect solution.

  • Linux.com: Everything about Linux. Without our help.
  • Linux.org: Everything about the Linux kernel.

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